Church of the Nations

Community: (The Family Heart)
Every church, like a person, has a personality. Purpose focuses on "what we do," and style focuses on "how we do it." The personality or lifestyle of the local church determines how it goes about doing its ministry. Our style of ministry is what is commonly known as our "Philosophy of Ministry." This is developed out of a clear understanding of biblical values to which we hold. Church of the Nations churches should not be recognized because they all look the same, but because they have the same heart (DNA). They hold to the same values.

Refirement Network

The Refirement Network is a niche business involved in helping organisations and individuals 50+ to understand the opportunities and challenges that the future holds. The convergence of longevity and technology has changed the way we live, work and play. This is the first generation to be given an extra season of life beyond their first career and before old age arrives. Planning for this extra season is what Refirement Network does through strategy, communication, workshops, coaching, education, entrepreneurship, and community.